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About Poise Fendy Studios
Help Bring Creative Projects to Life.

We build good experiences for our clients, our partners, our team, our subcontractors, and our community.

—Services Objective

Our focus in our selected businesses is categorized into:

• Productivity • Quality • Asset • Culture • Continuous Improvement

A deep commitment to the industry-focused services for personal and business clients/customers.

The company has a solid base of human and equipment resources for effective and efficient service delivery and has executed numerous business contracts with a well-defined structure. People who come to Poise Fendy Centre want to do more business with us because we have created an environment that encourages creativity, healthy business transactions, expected value for money, and achievement.


To Provide top range digital entertainment packages that transcends time, also to become a world class production company with the highest standard of efficiency and integrity

Services We Offer.

* Photo and Imaging services * Filming, Movie streaming, and Documentary services * Event and Hospitality services * Interior and Exterior Decorations * Cloth modeling and Fashion design * Facial beauty and Makeup saloon * General Contractor and Merchandise

Help Bring Creative Projects to Life.

Our mission is to produce the highest quality work for every client, on every project to ensure effective and efficient service delivery while upholding the tenets of excellent industry practice.

Poise Fendy Studios

Style & Poise.

13B Circular Road
Woji, Port-Harcourt.

+234 9120363104

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