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Helping kids unleash their

Join us in the Kids & Teens summer workshop , a 3 week-long journey to hone out the creative skills in them.

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Take advantage of this program.

The Workshop class is for kids And teens aged 7 - 18 years

Educational Playground

An educational and fun Workshop for kids & Teens.

Find their passion, teach an understanding of reciprocity, and instill a sense of Creativity in them.

Educational Tools

Educational Tools

Poise Fendy Acting Academy provides acting classes for teens who want to expand their skills in acting, public speaking, and performing.

Precious moments

Precious moments

As students participate in our drama enrichment program and stage actual performances, they build confidence and learn to think more creatively. 

Make them happy

Make them happy

That foundation can have a dramatic impact on academic, personal, and professional success!


Catch Them Young

Our Professionals in training will help your kids get the skills.



Theater classes

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Take advantage of this programs.

Each of our teachers is dedicated to providing classes that are fun, engaging, and informative.
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Be A Part This Training .

This Class is for a 3 week period, the cost is N50,000naira.

We want to Unleash the creativity in your kids, Why not join us?


Somehow, you have switched on the light and I’m ready to shine!

During the presentation to parents a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t help but notice how my child had matured and gained in confidence and self esteem in the years he has been with you. For this I thank you enormously and hope that this will help Craig in future years in whatever he chooses to do. Once again, I would like you to know how important you have been in making Craig the confident well-spoken young boy he has become.

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Let your child explore and learn.

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